Terms & Conditions by the Data and Ethics Working Group

Tear To Accept Terms And Conditions


Last weekend we were invited to ICT Art & Connect 2013. The event brought together a variety of professionals, ranging from Artists, Designers, Curators, Writers, Technicians and others to develop the beginnings of new collaborative work groups and projects all tackling the subject of ICT and new narratives for Europe. We quickly became acquainted with Jack James and Geoff Howse from the Ministry of Measurements whose work tackles the ethics of data collection and dissemination, a subject of course we tackle head on within the Rhythm of Life project. The workshop led to the creation of The Data and Ethics Working Group, a collaborative body using art to explore public interaction with data access, exchange and retrieval systems and the ethical implications of data ownership and open or closed networks. Group members include (aside from Susana and Mike), Elliott Burns, Honor Harger, Geoff Howse, Jack James, and Josep Perelló. At the European Parliament in Brussels on Monday 11th November, the group presented their first experiment, a manifesto and performative act and presentation illustrating the absurdity of the terms and conditions and consent forms relating to data, and pointing to the further exploration of these themes by the creatives within the group.

Completing The Consent Form


The booklet, designed for the event, centered around the audience completion of a fictional consent form on the front cover of the booklet, who, by removing the form along the perforated edge, automatically accept the terms and conditions within. From a personal perspective, we are extremely excited to have come together with such a set of like minded individuals and we see the potential to collaborate in greater developing the ethical aspect of the Rhythm of Life, where the individual is invited to trade an all new experience with their bodies for the use of their personal body data by science.

Elliot, Susana, Jack and Geoff prepare to present to the EU Parliament


Authors: Ulrich Atz, Elliott Burns, Susana Cámara Leret, Honor Harger, Geoff Howse, Jack James, Josep Perelló & Mike Thompson